An effective loss-of-containment (LOC) reduction plan should identify and assess the risks present in the facility and consider the potential for equipment failure and human error.

Understanding the risks and mitigating the possible consequences is an essential part of a plant safety plan.  A study from HSE found 88% of loss of containment incidents came from uncontrolled releases.  Analysis revealed that the vast majority of incidents (81%) were a result of the organisation failing to adequately plan and implement procedures for a variety of risk control systems

Even if you are not a process safety expert, you know that a hazardous chemical release can have dire consequences, such as serious injuries, fires and explosions, environmental damage.

An LOC plan should take into account the relative risk of each potential incident.  A small release of a highly toxic material can have more serious consequences than a much larger release of a nonhazardous material. Likewise, a small release of a flammable material above its flashpoint may be more serious than a larger release below the flashpoint. Just as a release of cold water is probably not as serious as a release of high-pressure steam.  A release in a Zoned area or adjacent to a walkway may have a greater potential for serious consequences than more inaccessible or isolated areas of the plant.

As we exit the lockdown in the UK, there appears to be a move from HSE to ensure there is risk mitigation in place for explosive loss of containment. To aid with the LOC plan, Adept HSG supply a range of FlangeGuard and Spray containment solutions.

Why choose Adept HSG as your Flangeguard supplier?

As well as providing a safer working environment, FlangeGuard solutions from Adept HSG reduce risk of hazardous spray-out by diffusing and condensing (vapours + liquids) into a safe drip. Adept HSG offer FlangeGuard solutions for various industrial applications that comply with HSE regulations and Insurance conditions.

  • Innovative Safety Spray Shield design
  • Our Pressure Diffusion Technology Multi-Layer Inner Mesh makes Adept FlangeGuards the most effective shield design on the market.
  • UK Design and manufactured so we can respond rapidly to non standard and bespoke technical requirements.
  • Made in a range of materials to cover various temperatures and media.
  • Fitted and removed within seconds.
  • Innovative mesh design diffuses explosive leaks into safe drips.


Adept HSG offer a range of products to suit various media, temperature and pressure. To discuss how we can help guide you through the most appropriate products for your specific needs please get in touch through or contact us here.

Following a call from a local customer who had been visited by the HSE we were tasked with surveying a hot oil pipeline with a view to offering blowout containment of flanges.  We attended site same day, measured up and offered Sureband Steel.  Within 4 days all FlangeGuards were onsite and the HSE requirements were fulfilled.  If you have any unprotected flanges near walkways or containing hot oil or flammable products get in touch today.