Adept HSG are delighted to announce our partnership with Integra Technologies to launch an innovation in bolting technology to the European market.

Velocity Washers are a patented product designed to improve safety, reduce costs and provide proven time savings.

Current Global Conditions have created an environment where shutdowns can be impacted by a scarcity of skilled labour – Velocity Washers provide a capital solution that allows a 30 times reduction in flange breakout time.

Breaking flanges can present challenges with galling leading to seized nuts. Seized nuts need to be separated from the studbolts requiring Hot Bolting, nut splitting, grinding or torching.  These processes can be time consuming, creating uncertainty in the project plan and present a potential for safety issues through additional time spent using tools.  The additional time taken to split the flange also has major implications for labour costs.

The Velocity Washer eliminates galling by removing all load from the Studbolt with just a 12 degree turn of the nut.  The nut can then be run off simply and safely up to 30 times faster than traditional methods. These crucial time savings allow for the project plan to be condensed, reducing production downtime.

If galling is a common occurrence affecting your key plant assets which requires specialist labour to resolve the Velocity Washer can transform your turnarounds.

Velocity Washers are compliant to ASTM F436 and do not require a change to procedures or the use of special tools.

New to the European market, the Velocity Washer has totalled over 50 million hours of service in the American and Canadian markets with new users switching onto the benefits regularly.  Many Blue Chip petrochemical companies now enjoy the cost and time savings including Shell, Marathon and Dow.

As exclusive European Distributor, Adept HSG are delighted to offer Velocity Washers to the UK and EU market.

Managing Director Paul Marray commented “Integra Technologies are a market leader for innovative solutions to engineering problems.  This strategic partnership allows Adept HSG to bring an exceptional product with proven advantages for safety, speed and cost to the European Market.”

If you are committed to improving safety, reducing labour costs and shortening your turnaround please contact Adept HSG Ltd to discuss.

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